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Blaschke pre planning financing


In many instances persons who pre-arrange a funeral will also wish to take care of pre-financing at the same time, either for the entire amount or a portion thereof.

Various state regulatory agencies govern the control and mandate the requirements for pre-financing a funeral with a funeral home depending upon the state in which one resides. Your funeral director at  Blaschke & Schneider Funeral Homes in La Crosse Wisconsin is well aware of the laws governing prefinancing funerals and is the most suited person to professionally guide you in this area.

There is a variety of investment products available in which one may place pre-financed monies. Passbook accounts. Certificates of Deposit, and trust accounts are among a banking institutions deposit possibilities. Today insurance and annuities have also played a significant part in the pre-need investment market.

Selecting one’s funeral in advance, and actually making the financial commitment for payment, gives a person the peace of mind that all details at the time of death will be carried out as previously arranged by  Blaschke & Schneider Funeral Homes in La Crosse Wisconsin .